Smoked Trout, Labne and Lime Timbale

8 lemon myrtle leaves
100ml olive oil
spray oil
16 slices trout gravlax, 4 per timbale
4 fresh vine leaves
zest of half a lime and extra dill, to garnish
200g mixed salad leaves
2 tablespoons sour cream
freshly ground black pepper
grissini sticks, to serve
Trout mousse
1 sheet gelatine
200ml warm water
450g hot smoked trout, blood line removed
½ cup labne
1 tablespoon oil from labne jar
½ teaspoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon horseradish cream
pinch of ground white pepper
1,5 tablespoons dill leaves

If you are short on time, purchase ready infused Lemon Myrtle olive oil.

Labne is a cheese made from yoghurt, available from delicatessens.

The word timbale in the culinary world can refer to both a mould and the food prepared in that mould.

Gravlax is trout or salmon which has been cured with salt and dill. If unavailable, you could use plain smoked trout or salmon.

Use this wonderful trout mousse as a dip for picnics and buffets, Simply make up to end of step 3, omitting the gelatine. Serve in a bowl with fresh bread and lemon wedges.

  1. To prepare the lemon myrtle oil, slightly break up the leaves and combine with the oil in a small bowl. Stand, covered, overnight to infuse. Strain.
  2. To prepare the trout mousse, place the gelatine sheet into the warm water and allow to soften. Remove and squeeze out water.
  3. Place the trout, labne, labne oil and lemon juice into a food processor and process until smooth. Add the gelatine, horseradish cream, white pepper and dill and quickly pulse.
  4. Lightly spray four timbale moulds with oil and line with cling wrap. Carefully line the inside of the moulds with gravlax, ensuring it overlaps and leaving an overhang.
  5. Spoon the trout mousse into the lined moulds and fold over the excess gravlax to seal. Refrigerate, covered, overnight.
  6. Place a vine leaf in the centre of four plates. Invert timbales onto leaves, removing plastic wrap. Garnish with lime zest and extra dill. Drizzle with infused lemon myrtle oil. Divide salad leaves among plates. Spoon a little sour cream on the side. Serve with freshly ground black pepper and grissini sticks.